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Sat, 03 Aug


The Lilypad @ 102

The Road To Your True Self

A 6-months intensive Spiritual Personal Development Program to help YOU un-earth your true self...

The Road To Your True Self
The Road To Your True Self

Time & Location

03 Aug 2024, 12:00 – 25 Jan 2025, 16:00

The Lilypad @ 102, 102 Kommetjie Rd, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 7974, South Africa

About the event

10 REASONS To consider participating in this intensive, 6-month Spiritual Personal Development course:

1. Comprehensive Self-Discovery: The program spans 6 months, delving deeply into various aspects of your psyche and life journey, allowing for profound self-discovery.

2. Structured Growth: With a module per month, the program provides a structured framework for personal growth and development, ensuring steady progress and integration of experiences.

3. Commitment to Transformation: Participants commit to their own growth journey and are supported in navigating life-changing experiences like Ayahuasca, Iboga, and more, facilitated by experts.

4.   Holistic Approach: The course integrates diverse modalities such as sound journeys, breath-work, and plant medicine ceremonies, offering a holistic approach to healing and growth.

5. Community and Support: It fosters a supportive community environment where participants, whether individuals or couples, embark on their journeys together, sharing insights and supporting each other’s transformations.

6. Accountability and Reflection: Through weekly meetings and monthly gatherings, participants reflect on their progress, share insights, and hold themselves accountable within a supportive group setting.

7. Confronting Inner Challenges: Each month focuses on different aspects of personal growth, from identifying triggers and trauma to confronting fears and integrating profound experiences, facilitating deep inner work.

8. Expert Facilitation: External facilitators bring expertise in various healing modalities like Ayahuasca and Kambo, ensuring safe and transformative experiences under guided supervision.

9. Small Group Dynamics: Limited to 6 participants, the small group size fosters intimate interactions, allowing for deeper connections, shared experiences, and personalized attention.

10. Life-Changing Transformation: By the end of the program, participants emerge with a renewed sense of self, having navigated a journey of Life, Death and Rebirth, and equipped with tools to sustain personal growth and fulfilment.

This intensive program offers a unique opportunity for individuals or couples committed to deep personal transformation and spiritual growth, providing a supportive and structured environment to explore and evolve.

This is only a “framework” for the rest of your life. Integration is a life-long process.

The ONLY provisos are that:

- You are serious about your Spiritual Personal Development

- You COMMITT to attend the full 6-months and

- You endeavour to have the DRIVE and the TIME to fulfil all the homework tasks and

- You attend as many of the weekly meetings as possible and all the external facilitation events.

We are keeping the costs as low as possible to allow people from many varied backgrounds and income levels to be able to attend.

Should you be a bit more comfortable financially and feel that you could support someone else, contact us for sponsorship options for someone less fortunate.


We practice the “Gift-In-The-Tuition” principle, where we keep the course’s price and the external facilitations as low as possible to afford as many people as possible the benefit of these courses.

Should you feel that what you have learned during the course deserves a greater exchange, feel free to offer an additional donation at any time during the course. There are no obligations whatsoever. It is, and will remain, your call.

The Energy Exchange : - For the course itself: R 1000 per month per person (or R 5000 for the 6 month course if you choose to pay upfront)

- For all the External Facilitation Events: R 1,000 per month per person

Who am I and why am I offering this Program?

After a lifetime and a long career in a very harsh environment, where I was so armoured that I had absolutely no feelings, I was dead inside. Then I had an awakening.

Things started to shift for me at Afrika Burn in 2015, then increased in intensity until I had to change my life 180 degres. As one of my friends put it: I went from Killer to Healer…

The arrival of my son, a few years ago and very late in my life, opened up my heart to Love…

I am learning, every day, to become a better person. I have people that I look up to, and I have learned to avoid some other people. We all need mentors and role-models, but we also need to be circumspect in who we trust with our stuff.

I had to go on a myriad of Courses, Journeys, Training, Seminars, etc., the works, to figure out what was my purpose in life. It took years, and years…

I just wish I had had someone guiding me through the experiences, good ones and bad ones, and help me find my direction. The Plant Medicine Teachers’ help has been invaluable.  This is why I am doing this.

There are no shortcuts to growth and personal development, but, with someone alongside who will hold you accountable to yourself, it does help with the process.

I will not do it for you, for it is your Path to walk on, but I’ll be there for you when you need a shoulder to rest on and catch your breath. I will also learn with you, and grow with you.

I am no Guru, Teacher, Swami, etc. (insert whatever title you can think of).

I am just a student of life and people, just like you.

I just had a bit more time to do things, work my processes and deal with my mistakes so I can help you now. In certain tribes I would be called an Elder, and the Elder’s responsibility is to guide others.

Let’s do this Journey together!

If you feel that call, contact us on Whatsapp +27(0) 82 821 7673

or email us on:

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