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About The Naked Frog

Hello! Thanks for being curious! I am Yann, a Frenchman by birth. I have been living in Cape Town, South Africa for the past 20 years, hence the "Frog" bit in my practice name. 

The "Naked" part comes from my thinking that when you are naked, you are being authentic to yourself, no artifices, no agenda, no masks or costumes to hide behind, no fake status symbols or branding to establish who you are. Naked makes you open and vulnerable.

Naked shows your truth.

I believe in empowering my clients to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. I offer a wide range of services including Conscious Sexuality Coaching, Plant Medicine Guidance, and Massage Therapy. I am dedicated to helping you achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of your life, even in the "hidden/taboo" ones.

If you'd like to find out more about the man behind The Naked Frog, please feel free to book a free information session, online or in-person, to learn about each other and feel the energy between us to see if we can work together.

My Approach

Massage Therapy

 For a very long time, society has tried to teach us that Touch is taboo and forbidden through religious dogma and societal norms. The last few years have especially been testing for the whole of mankind and as a result, our craving for human contact and Touch has exponentially exploded. We, as the human race, have also been through probably what is one of the toughest period of our common history. People world-wide have been awakening and there is now a resurgence of search for healing the relationships, be they romantic or platonic, friends or family, or even just acquaintances and colleagues. Humans are social animals. I believe that I can bring back some of that sense of wonderment about what we can achieve through Touch Therapy and simply enjoying receiving it. Your own mental health will tell you, if you're ready to listen to it.

Plant Medicine Guide 

My approach to Plant Medicine comes from my experiences with them in the past few years, and the more experiences I undertake, the more I am going to be able to hold space for you during your own Journeys. What has come through already many times is that I can not heal you, I can only create a safe and comfortable space for you to be able to let go and dive deep inside your own mind.. Your healing has to come from you, deep inside you. It is already there, you have to be willing to dig deep and uncover your own truth. I believe that these ancient remedies can provide powerful healing and transformation when used in a safe and responsible manner.

Conscious Sexuality Coaching

My approach is rooted in the belief that true healing comes from addressing the root cause of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. I work with my clients to create personalized treatment plans that incorporate a variety of traditional and alternative healing modalities. This program is designed to help individuals become more in tune with their bodies and their desires. I believe that by cultivating a healthy and open relationship with sexuality, your own and with your partner(s), individuals and couples can experience greater pleasure and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

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Zen ambiance

My Philosophy

I believe that true healing comes from addressing the root cause of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. I take a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating a variety of traditional and alternative healing modalities to help my clients achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of their lives. I believe that by empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and well-being, we can create a world that is healthier, happier, and more vibrant for all.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world around you.

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